How to Make A Banner for Your Business ?

Marketing your establishment is essential to its development and success story, no matter your location. But, in a competitive sales industry, running a successful promotion to get your brand name out there can be trying. It is why you need to make an eye-catching poster for your business. 

As a business owner, banners are one of the most versatile forms of promoting your enterprise in this modern world. Hence, your placard should have the quality and ability to draw customer's attention from both a close and far distance. Whether you want to advertise future promotions or draw traffic to your storefront, a poster is the best way to do so.

How to Make A Banner

The question many entrepreneurs ask is how to make a banner? To many, making a banner is tricky, and they might mess it up. Well, the good news is that creating a custom print marketing material for your business is easier than you think.

With a few steps, you can tailor your poster to suit your business. Eager to get started? Here is a guide that will teach you how to make your banner.

1.     Choose Your Location

You cannot afford to omit this detail. It is the most necessary step in creating a custom print marketing material. The location you decide on will determine the size of your banner, its color, material, and messaging. Do you want to place the poster above your doorframe, at a sports event, or for a window exhibit?

Whatever the case, take into consideration the ongoing activities of your audience when they look at your poster. Will they be driving, sitting on a train, standing, walking, near or far? These factors will help you decide the font size, colors, and whether you should opt for a vertical or horizontal angle.

  • Consider using a catchy backdrop like leafy trees, white walls, and red bricks because they cause your sign to stand out.

2.     Write the Copy

Once you know what location to place your poster, then decide what action you want your viewers to do immediately they see your sign. However, this will only be possible if you are clear with the message on the banner.

Do you want them to step into your shop and buy your newest product?  If so, share with them the features of the product and what makes it unique. Do you want them to visit your website? Then, share the address. Whatever the purpose of your poster, ensure that call to action is clear.

Most of all, resist the impulse to cram your sign with loads of text. A poster should be able to pique customer interest. So, the lesser the words, the more you get direct and clear statements that onlookers will understand.

  • Do not use information that has no usefulness and meaning. In essence, if it is possible to cut out a word and your message you want to pass stays the same, then cut it out.

3.     Choose an Indoor or Outdoor Banner

For this step, the location you choose will determine the type of sign you use. Depending on the environment you plan to present your poster, you need to understand when and where to use the indoor and outdoor placards. Remember that outdoor banners are great for both external and internal use. But you cannot use the indoor banners outdoors as they do not work well with external elements.

4.     Pick Out Equipment for Placing Posters

After knowing which signage to use, the next step is to pick out your devices to position your signs. Thankfully, you’ve got two options to go with; hanging or standing tools.


If you decide to go with hanging up your poster, then you can use a

  • Metal Grommets

It is circular and looks like a ring. Interestingly, you can get this eyelet for both indoor and outdoor use. If used properly, it ensures ease of hanging a sign.

  • Adhesive Hanger

It is made of metal and is the best hanger to use. It is because, with this tool, you can easily exhibit your sign in no time. It is stress-free, and you can hang it wherever you like.

Banner Stands

There are different types of banner stands that you can choose from, such as;

  • H-banner Stand

As the name suggests, when you set up this banner, it looks like the letter H. With this stand, your message becomes more visible because it adds several inches to your sign. It is hard-wearing and lasts long.

  • L-banner Stand

It is perfect for event marketing, lightweight, and lasting. This sign is one of the simple and most convenient stands for display, and it is easy to transport. It is because it is portable, and you can adjust it for easier movement during exhibitions and events. Known as an L-banner stand because when you put it up, it has an L shape and looks like the letter L. 

  • X-banner Stand

All X banner stands get their name from the fact that when put up, the poster stand frame looks like the letter X. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of exhibiting your signs.

Now that we have gotten the idea of creating a poster, why don’t we start designing our custom banners? Knowing the steps on making your personalized poster will help you input a variety of messages that will focus more on your business. Are you ready to tell the world about your enterprise and make your message pop out? Let’s get started.

How to Make Custom Banners

When you need a poster to meet your need, it is best to personalize one yourself. Customized signs help you promote your establishment and send messages to observers who are walking by your enterprise. Use these methods to create your custom notice for your corporation.

1.     Choose a Suitable Size for your Letters

The letters on your banner matter a lot as it factors on the viewers getting the information or passing. Therefore, choose characters that the readers can see even from a far distance. Here is an illustration that will help you work out how big your letters should be for maximum impact.

Letter Height

Readability Distance

Maximum Readability Distance








































2.     Select the Colors

Colors play a crucial role in grabbing customer attention. Visualize the shades you want to use on your sign and how they will highlight the texts. Make sure that there is a high contrast between the letters and background. For instance, a dark font on a light backdrop as the case may be.

  • Note that colors carry different interests and can arouse several emotions. Before starting, study the meanings of each color, then add colors for contrast.

3.     Choose Your Font

The typeface of your poster plays a significant role in the design. It is because it will reel in observers and bring attention to your trade. Try using fonts like Century Gothic, Calibri (Body), Helvetica, and Verdana. They will give your banner a bold appearance and quality, and at the same time, keep readability high.

  • Avoid the use of playful, unprofessional, and unusual fonts because it will make reading the text hard for the onlookers.

4.     Message hierarchy

In simple terms, this is what we call the arrangement of messages and data in an orderly manner. When the information is properly organized, the observers find it easier to comprehend and grab the memo. For example, you could be promoting a toothbrush that you can also use as a pen, but if you do not clearly state this detail, then no one will notice.

To make each message noticeable, amend the font size and highlight. Then, add a little color for contrast and give more space and bolding to the necessary details.

  • As tempting as it may be, avoid using a jumble or mix-up of font sizes. Stick to not more than three font sizes as using more than this will make the design look disordered.

5.     Select a Design Template

If you want to learn to customize a display, then you need to choose a pattern. The good news is that there are different options available for you. You can select one of the ready-made templates that we already designed for you. We will then tweak it to add your message, the desired font, and the layout until it meets your approved standard.

Then again, if you are looking for company-specific notice and you already have a design, try using the adobe photoshop to upload your design to your preferred poster.

Still think placards are tricky to create, and you will mess them up? Designing an image on a printable material is possible. Simply follow these few steps, and you will produce a poster for your firm just the way you picture it.

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