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Place your brand in viewers' sight with a printed paper poster. Posters are an in-person public advertisement tool, that helps promote your devices, products, or events to your target customers. When used strategically, they are those stylishly designed single pagers that help you capture viewers' attention, even while serving bit-sized and comprehensive information about your brand to the public. For business owners, posters are a very beneficial marketing tool because you can put them in many different places. For example, hang them up at tradeshows, conventions, office lobbies, college campuses, sporting events, stores, or any other place where potential customers might gather. Posters are marketing tools that not only build your brand to help customers recognize your company but also demonstrate your brand's values. Moreover, when customers see posters they are more drawn to it when you use vibrant colors and cutting edge designs, unlike in digital ads. We understand that one of the best ways to get customers' attention is to ensure that your poster is alluring enough but simple. We will see to it that your posters are designed artfully without using too many fonts and colors in one design. W are also aware that an exceptional poster will better expose your business to your target audience. Hence, at Urban Signs and Print, we strive to find new and improved methods to make your campaign successful with posters. Our skilled designers make sure to capture your company's colors and brand logo within your poster design to strategically communicate the company's message to the target audience. Does your business need posters for upscale branding? Whether you’re looking to advertise your business or announce an event, our posters are the classic advertising tool that leaves a huge impact on your audience.

Types of Posters:  

  • UV High Gloss Posters 

Gloss is probably the most creative finish that makes your posters uniquely different from competitors. When you’re considering a marketing campaign and need a poster exploding with so many eye-catching colors, high gloss posters are the way to go. 

  • Semi-Gloss Posters

Our semi-gloss print offers you the benefits of a high gloss and matte finish. With the high resolution and lively colors achieved with fewer glares, our semi-gloss posters are the flexible art piece to make your advertisement unique. 

  • Matte Posters

Matte posters are best used for artistic pieces are even during a marketing campaign. Matte posters deliver crisp results with high saturation and resolution for your images. Glare can affect the quality of your images. For this reason, matte posters are designed to deter glare. 


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