Flyers San Diego

A flyer is a small sheet leaflet composed of a single page and is often used as an advertising tool to promote a company’s product and services. A promotional flyer is very affordable, and serves as a medium to communicate with customers faster. A uniquely designed flyer boosts a business ad campaign promotion. The perfect marketing tool for any business in any niche and industry. 


Types of Flyers:  

  • UV High Gloss Flyers

There’s nothing better than an added shine to your promotional flyers! When you want to catch customers' attention with colorful flyers, it’s time to make a bold statement for your business with shiny-looking high gloss flyers printed on 100lb paper together with UV coating. Our UV High Gloss Flyers keep your design sharp with its glossy finishing. Perfect for events at the café, hotel, restaurants, real estate, and design agencies.

  • Semi-Gloss Flyers

The shine of a gloss coating can bring life to even the dullest flyers. Our semi-gloss promotional flyer adds vibrancy to your image while creating a flashy and luxurious feel. It helps you bring intricate designs to life and makes your image stand out with the added shiny touch to the visuals. 

  • Matte Brochure

When you want a more serious and professional finishing, our Matte Flyers work best. Matte flyers are designed with a non-reflective coating that makes them easy to clean. Plus, it does not retain fingermarks or leave smudges and is ideal for printing designs that do not use full colors. Our matte flyer finish makes it easy to read text-heavy flyers, especially when using bright lights. The matte papers also give you a warm glowing effect. 100% smooth, sleek and polished appearance.

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