Coroplast Signs

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Are you looking for an easy, affordable, and quick way to promote your business? Coroplast® signs are the innovative option of getting things done. Our custom Coroplast® signs or corrugated plastic signs help you advertise your company on any lawn, street corner, and almost anywhere to draw attention to your business. Coroplast® signs are durable, lightweight signs that realtors, construction workers, landscaper, handymen use to gain exposure, and increase their clientele without saying a word.

Why Custom Coroplast Signs

Coroplast or corrugated plastic are hollow-fluted waterproof plastic sheets that are used in many areas. At Urban Sign and Print, we use them for signs because they are tough, lightweight, durable and won’t fade or rust regardless of the weather conditions and use.

They are super versatile materials are the cheapest way for productive advertising without breaking the bank.
Excellent signs for indoor and outdoor purposes
It is an amazing way to showcase your business in bright bold and color displays
It is lightweight, easy to assemble and put away
It is reusable and a highly practical way to advertise your company

Are you ready to promote your business in the fastest way possible? Call us now and get a customized Coroplast® sign designed specifically for you.


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