Banner printing Los Angeles

Showcase your company or brand with high-quality printing! Choose a banner as a key marketing tool to achieve your commercial goals. If you are looking for a premium custom banner which will definitely stand out, then you should cooperate with us. We are a team of dedicated professionals, specialising in sign and banner printing, serving the Los Angeles area.

Why do you need a banner?

Using this simple but efficient marketing tool, you will make a wide target audience notice your brand or product. The success consists of several components. First of all, the message you want to bring to people. Secondly, graphics are very important, making the content attractive, clear, and noticeable. Last but not least, materials do matter since some of them are more durable but cost more, while the others are more affordable looking well but lasting less. 

Our beautiful banners will become a powerful communication tool motivating people to buy, make a decision, attend venues. When an outdoor poster is located along the streets, it gets access to a lot of people. They pass by, view advertising or other information, remember it, and later can become your clients. This is the way banners can lead to an increase in sales. 

Our offer

We cooperate with our customers from initial concept to final production. Our highly experienced team works carefully and thoughtfully at every stage, looking for the most appropriate solution, providing the finest graphic printing products with further full-service support. Our possibilities are really diverse. With our modern printing equipment, we are able to print any off-standard sizes. 

In addition, we deliver several materials with gloss or matte finishes:

  1. vinyl – flame-resisting, everlasting material recommended for windy areas.
  2. fabric – durable, lightweight, recommended for a repeated usage.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your order will be performed properly and you will receive a polished banner that will make your message pop!

Some tips to make an efficient design

If you are looking for large banner printing in Los Angeles and want your banner work and attract everybody viewing it, you should pay special attention to its design. Keep in mind that:

  • a message should be legible and readable from a distance. You can increase a text height by 1” when a viewable distance increases by 10’.
  • a message should be brief and contain the vital information which can be read during a couple of seconds.
  • a high contrast allows reading the text better that is why you’d rather regard the colors taking into account this rule choosing optimal combinations like the most commonly used black letters on a white background.

At Urban Sign and Print, you can place an order for custom banner printing and get it delivered anywhere in Los Angeles. Regardless of what you want to see on your banner, we are ready to perform the task! We have all capabilities and resources needed to achieve a perfect promotional product.

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