Metal Rod A-Frame Signs

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Wireframe signs are a convenient and effective way to get the word out. The fun part is the ability to move these sidewalk signs to any location without effort, thus they work perfect as real estate signs or open house signs. These outdoor or indoor signs are super light-weight, portable, and can be easily placed to attract clients to your business.

The hardware holds up to a 6"h x 24"w rider on top and have a welded holder for a pennant pole. If you have hanging hardware, we will print a custom sign that you can hang up or replace anytime. Graphic sign measurements: 24"W × 18”H.

Why Wireframe Sidewalk Signs

They are an affordable way to showcase your business
They are easy to assemble
They arelightweight and can be printed on both sides
The rods are strong and won’t bend or rust regardless of the weather
The signboard is made of a durable rust-resistant material
It is very stable and won’t get blown away in the wind

Do you need a wireframe sign to promote your business? Are you looking for something affordable but high-quality; then you are in the right place. Call us now to get started! 

Customer Reviews

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Jenny H.
Excellent Service!

First time ordering from Urban Sign & Print, and they did a very professional work. Thank you!

Jasmine A.
Works well!

Good product. Lightweight and easy to replace signs.

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