Printing in Downtown San Diego

Our company offers commercial printing; downtown San Diego is one of our bases of operation. There we have offices and can do a wide variety of jobs, like printing banners, signs and flyers for your company or business. We work with large and small brands, helping them move their advertising campaigns forward.

We do a large variety of different printing services, downtown San Diego offers many places for you to place the printed banners and flyers. We offer portable signs which you can place in strategic places to get your customers’ attention. Out high-quality print jobs will make your advertising banners and stands look bright and realistic, so that they will immediately attract attention.


You may send us a digital file with the image you want to print, and our printers will apply a coat of quality paint onto banners or leaflets. They will stay bright and retain their color for a long time, resisting both rain and ultraviolet from sunlight. The material of the stickers and banners we use is also very durable and it will stay in place for a long time.

What we print

We print signs with a large surface area and these will be visible to people from a large distance. They will be impossible to miss if you drive by one of these.

Our company makes banners with stands, and you can select the type of banner, the type of the stand and the material of the banner. You can select a banner for a local advertising campaign, where a small A-frame banner will be sufficient, or you may select a larger type in order to inform the whole city about your company.

We also print stickers, which are much smaller but are also very efficient, because they can be stuck almost anywhere, so they will attract people’s attention on sidewalks.


We do our work very quick, and your banner, no matter how large, will be ready in a day or two. In any case you will receive the ready product in less than three days.

If you order our company to do the printing, San Diego downtown will soon be full of your company’s banners and signs, which will be put in the most profitable places where many people will see them. This will show them your company and this will soon bring you a lot of new local customers.


We are conscious about the environmental impact of our business and can assure you that it will not hurt the planet’s ecosystem. The paints we use are not harmful for the environment and do not decompose into any kind of toxic chemicals. The materials our company uses for banners is also biodegradable.


The price for our services is in many cases much lower than prices from similar companies, and this does not keep us from offering professional services. Our prices are friendly to small businesses, and we take orders from small companies, even if they have a very low budget.

Featured Products

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