Large format printing in San Diego

Large format printing is a trending service widely used for a variety of purposes. The technology appeared in 90-s and since then has developed dramatically. The producers have mastered printing on new materials and their customers have invented new ways of implementing the prints. 

Despite being a growing segment of printing industry, the service is widely used by companies. Enterprises have a variety of options to use the technology, from printing banners to creating large vinyl stickers. Individuals do not usually require to create huge works and they tend to select paper or canvas printing instead.

How large format prints are made?

The process starts with developing an image for the project. At this stage it is important to choose a correct resolution to properly display the necessary information. The choice of resolution is usually based on the distance from the viewer and the necessity to sharply represent the details. This is especially applicable to text information, which should be easily readable from a long distance.

The next stage involves selecting the material and size of the final work. The technology is used for different solutions, so the materials may vary depending on the purpose. Our company uses the best quality materials for large format printing (San Diego, CA). At the last stage the graphics are materialized with a special printer of a huge size.

Main purposes

The most popular purpose of using the technology is to create outdoor advertising. Companies order large banners made of paper, vinyl or even solid materials and place them in the prominent places. Nowadays it is one of the most popular tools in marketing, as it grants a high return on investment. The banners themselves do not cost much, while hundreds or even thousand potential customers walk or drive by them every hour.

As for the other purposes, the format is used in building sites. The building companies display their graphics with the size of the entire buildings. The technology is also used in creating vinyl stickers for large vehicles. In San Diego, large format printing is also widely used for branding. Companies order large scale banners with their brand names and logos and put them over their offices.

Benefits for enterprises

Printed materials of large scale grant a number of benefits for enterprises. As already mentioned above, it is one of the most progressive and effective tools in offline marketing. It not only results in high return on investment, but also positively affects brand recognition. According to recent researches, large printed advertisings are the second most visible marketing instrument after TV commercials. 

Another benefit of the technology is the opportunity to select the quantity. We provide our services of large format printing in San Diego with an option to select the exact quantity of products. And last but not least is the quality. The prints are weather resistant and created with high quality materials, which makes them durable and eliminates the need of replacement.

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