How to Install Die-Cut Vinyl Lettering

Die-cut vinyl lettering is a grouping of pre-spaced singular, individually cut pieces that are applied to a transfer tape as singular pieces for effortless installation. Use our step-by-step die-cut vinyl lettering installation guidelines to ensure that your lettering is properly attached. 


Your die cut vinyl lettering will arrive in 3 layers:

  1. Top layer — transfer tape, which holds the letters in place for easy installation.
  2. Middle layer — vinyl lettering
  3. Bottom layer— white wax paper backing that projects the adhesive and the lettering 

Make sure to gather the following tools before the installation:

  • glass cleaner (in a spray bottle)
  • paper towels
  • squeegee
  • measure tape
  • masking tape
  • razor blade


Step 1: Spray the glass cleaner, thoroughly clean the windows and then use a paper towel to wipe off all of the glass cleaner. Make sure the area is completely dry. For best results, we recommend outside temperatures be over 65F with low humidity.

Step 2: Measure a surface area with a tape measure and find a center point of where you want to place you vinyl lettering. Of course, you can eyeball, but we recommend using a tape measure to guarantee a clean and professional look.

Step 3: Put your vinyl lettering on a clean, flat surface with the white wax paper facing you. Run a squeegee over the wax paper with even pressure to secure the lettering to the masking tape.

Step 4: Place the graphic sheet against the window, with the transfer tape side facing you and the white wax paper backing facing the surface. Place a strip of masking tape down the center (between the letters if possible). Secure with tape in all four corners.

Step 5: Remove the corner tape on one side. Gently lift the graphic sheet and slowly pull away the backing at a 30-45 degree angle to prevent stretching or tearing. Stop when you reach the center tape line and use the razor blade to remove the loose paper backing, a the same time make sure to continue holding the application tape away from the window.

Step 6: Place your exposed vinyl graphic against the window and use squeegee to firmly apply the lettering to prevent air bubbles. For best results, start in the center and work your way outward in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Step 7: Remove the masking tape and gently peel off the remaining backing paper on the second half. Then again squeegee the entire vinyl from the center outward in all directions, making sure you get rid of any air bubbles.

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