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Our giant checks are the best way to show your appreciation to any person or organization receiving generous gifts and donations. These signs are great for events such as: ribbon cutting, donations, public relations ceremonies, charity events, and many other events. Our large size checks are paper mounted on foam board material.  

If the occasion needs a unique design that will wow the recipient or the audience, then the oversized check will make you feel more than a winner. Oversized or jumbo checks are the perfect ways to present the winner with their winnings, and it makes it easy for cameramen to get a better view of the information on the check too. So if you have an upcoming occasion or a promotional to boost your business, connect with us for the best designed oversized checks today.

Why oversized checked

There is no better way to show the outside world how credible your business is that presenting an oversized check after a promo period is over. The oversized checks are comparable to an actual check with every detail including, the amount and name of the winner printed on it.
These checks are larger, but super lightweight because they are printed on foam board materials for ceremonial events and public function.

If you need an oversized check for a function immediately, call us now, we will have it ready before the event. Our designs are affordable, durable, and excellent for indoor and outdoor events. We can also customize the oversized checks to have your company’s logo or name on it.

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