With the different types of banner materials in the market these days, choosing the one perfect for you might be a difficult task, and surfing the web might confuse you further on which type of banner material to go for. 

Let us help you make the right banner material decision. In this article  you will learn about the different types of banner materials, their uses, pros, and cons, so you don’t make a mistake while picking your material. 

San Diego 13oz vinyl banner printing – Urban Sign and Print

13oz Vinyl Banner Material 

This popularity of this 13oz Vinyl Banner material type makes it suitable for indoor use and probably any lightweight outdoor use in your everyday environment. This means that you can go for this banner if you want to a lot of indoor banners and fewer outdoor banners. 

- It is very affordable 
- It is tear-resistant 
- It is durable and lasts long 
- It is mainly used for indoor purposes. 
- You can't print on two sides 
- It can be used outdoor also but on a very light note. 

San Diego 15oz vinyl banner printing – Urban Sign and Print
15oz Vinyl Banner Material 

The 15oz banner material is one that is smooth and mainly used indoors. The images on the material come out nicely due to its smooth surface, which makes printing on it very lovely. The material also comes with a block out that doesn't allow light to pass through it, which makes it difficult to see through it. 

- It is super smooth and prints nicely 
- The blackout that comes with it is a plus to the material 
- It gives your artwork a significant impact 
- It is mostly used for indoor purposes. 
- It is not as strong as the 13oz material

Mesh Banners 

The mesh banner material is another material that is printed on scrim vinyl digitally. It is a crisscross pattern of material which makes it very convenient for an outdoor advert. The mesh banner material is of a high standard and offers you a reinforced corner. 

- It comes with a small hole that lets air pass through the material 
- The banner is wind resistance due to the small holes 
- It is mainly for outdoor advertising or sports events. 
- It is less vibrant than 13oz or 15oz Vinyl Banners 

San Diego fabric banner printing – Urban Sign and Print
Fabric Banners 

The fabric banner materials are such that you can only print on them using dye sublimation. You might be wondering what this means? It's simple: it means your ink goes directly through the fabric rather than sit on the fabric. But the direct dye sublimation is what makes the color on the fabric appear even more vibrant and elegant. 

- The fabric banner is nice and soft
- It comes with a folded sewn hem of standard finish 
- It is designed mostly for outdoor use. 
- It has a more superior quality 
- The fabric banner material is a little bit on the high side 

Canvas Banners 

The canvas banners are banners that are digitally printed upon materials that are similar to a canvas that is painted. And this makes them feel more substantial. They are also of high quality and serve indoors for occasions and other events. 

- It is used for indoor occasions 
- It is better for backdrops or professional events due to it's heavyweight 
- It's finishing is a sewn hem and grommet. 
- It cannot be used for outdoor advert because of its weight 

Banners are of great use when it comes to advert placements because they are very noticeable, but you can't just get a banner material to print on without knowing which material is best for the occasion you want to use it for. But with the above description, you are now fully aware of the different types of banner materials and its uses. 

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