Step and Repeat Banner Installation

You probably have seen when celebrities give media interviews, with the banner behind them. These banners are printed with a repeating pattern made of event sponsors or company logos and are called “Step and Repeat Banners”. They are commonly used as a backdrop for red carpet events, press releases, photo shoots, weddings, school proms, sporting events and grand openings. 

Know you know what step and repeat banner is and wondering how to install one. Follow our step-by-step instruction to make an assembly easy. 

Your step and repeat banner stand will arrive in pieces:

  1. Two bases
  2. Two vertical support poles (telescopic)
  3. Two horizontal support poles (top & bottom, telescopic) 
  4. Pole attachment screws (stored in the end of the poles)
  5. Middle support pole *included with XL banners only 
  6. Custom printed vinyl banner
  7. Carrying case


Step 1: Spread the banner out on the floor and adjust horizontal and vertical poles so they appear past the banner width and length. 

Step 2: Slide the vertical support support pole into the base and screw up through the bottom. Use screwdriver to fasten the base to the pole (screwdriver not included).

Step 3: Repeat with the other side pole.

Step 4: Slide the first horizontal support pole thru the pole pocket at the bottom of the banner. 

Step 5: Slide the second support pole into top pole pocket and attach ends to the top of the side poles with the supplied screws.

Step 6: Attach the bottom pole ends to the side poles with the supplied screws. (stored in the end of the poles).

Step 10: *Connect the middle support pole and insert into the slots at the top and bottom of the banner and extend until tight.

Congratulations! You are all set for your event! 

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