San Diego Convention Center Advertising

Convention Center is the best place to exhibit brand, products, services in San Diego - convention center advertising will bring numerous advantages! If you want to make your promotion efficient, contact Urban Sign&Print!

Key features of the center

The venue is specially designed to host trade shows, exhibitions, conventions. This is an enormous 2.6 million-square-foot construction in San Diego visited by people from all over the world. Being opened in 1989, it has been brought up to the high standards and operational excellence. The convention center is located on a bay in the downtown and provides five-star service. 

Every year it hosts plenty of events. Its virtues are:

  1. Here there is an exhibit space equal to 615 701 sq. ft and divided into 7 areas with needed facilities. Also, you can count on a meeting space with comfortable new chairs, a couple of ballrooms, a beautiful lobby with areas intended for reception desks, upgraded restrooms. 
  2. All halls are equipped with innovation-based lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems to provide people inside with a maximum comfort regardless of the weather conditions outside the windows. 
  3. Nearby there is a luxury roomy hotel and restaurants. 
  4. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the airport from this place.

If you are involved in marketing either of a local business or of any foreign brand, you definitely should not miss out on the chance to benefit from participating in the events arranged in this center. 


How can you achieve the best results with your marketing in the center?

Before you start convention marketing, set goals and call us! We help you to attract customers and make them perform actions – buy your products or services. We’ll introduce potential clients to your brand in such a way that they will prefer it from among the analogues. This is the basic needs of any business, but you can set any goals to be targeted within an exhibition or other similar event carried out in the Convention center. We are ready to contribute to an increase in your sales with a bright and smart presentation providing printing services of high quality.

To promote a business and boost a brand recognition, we print messages for:

  • banners available in various forms and intended to announce the key idea of a promotional campaign;
  • durable banner stands used to arrange an exhibition area;
  • signs providing the customers with the important data;
  • stickers explaining a relevant information about a price or, probably, destination;
  • trade show displays including counter displays, table throws, and tabletop signs.

Our advantages

Urban Sign Print looks forward to a long-term collaboration and regards the quality as of paramount importance. The operating process is completely transparent and can be followed by a client. Just delegate your authority as to task performance to our managers and contact them to ask questions, specify an order status at any moment during a working day. Moreover, we deliver an expert consultation as to our products, technologies, and terms. You can be sure to get competitive pricing without compromising on quality and with additional discounts. 

You can benefit from our options when you decide to participate in an exhibition and look for a professional to deliver the best quality convention center San Diego advertising. There are numerous ways to express the conception with well-designed messages printed on various carriers. Using the latest equipment and quality inks, we promise the result will meet your expectations! To complete the set, look through an offer of an efficient advertising on “pedicabs” at

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